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Contis Financial Services Ltd
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Contis Financial Services Ltd


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Electronic Money Institution

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AcquiringAPI integrationCrypto-friendly AccountDebit cardsDebit cards (virtual)Merchant AccountsMulti-currency AccountP2PSafeguarding/Custiodian AccountsSegregated AccountsSEPA TransactionsStand by letter of creditSWIFT TransactionsWhite label3d secure payment gateway

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About Contis Financial Services Ltd

Contis Financial Services Ltd is an electronic money institutionfocused on end-to-end banking and payments solutions. Contis Financial Services Ltd offers white-label card issuing, end-to-end accounts, current accounts, debit cards. In 2020 Contis Financial Services Ltd had total assets of 101.93 mln GBP, Contis Financial Services Ltd generated net income of 5.63 mln GBP. Incorporated in the United Kingdom, Contis Financial Services Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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20-28 GBP

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20-28 GBP

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0-3 GBP

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0-3 GBP

Additional Information

  • Payment rails for fintech projects

Trustpilot reviews


Mar 30, 2022

Hey Contis Please please i beg you…

Hey Contis Please please i beg you Reply or need a update On my outbound payments ! From my old suitsme account. No reply since 3weeks they said Answer the questions for the payments to be applied but i sent them an email to get the payments sent to a different account because their bank is closed but no reply since 3weeks please help me. My old suitsme account number is 41570618 60-83-70 also my name is ADIL JAFFERY.THANKS need a response!


Mar 24, 2022

Grateful experience contacting them

Grateful experience contacting them, resolve my problem in a hour.⏳


Mar 23, 2022

Im wanting my funds back

I'm wanting my funds back in to my bank


Mar 19, 2022

I have been scammed!!!

I have been scammed!!!! People using contis as a platform to scam people! Made me go over drawn buy a large amount to get money from me!!!


Mar 18, 2022

A large payment was returned to my old…

A large payment was returned to my old Contis account and no one is responding after I have sent emails. My old account details are as follows:- 608370 41469615 Updated - this finally got sent. Thank you. Please can your look into it and send it to my new account:- 230363 00197552


Mar 13, 2022

Worst financial company you'll ever have the displeasure of dealing with

Frankly I am shocked this cowbow outfit manage to maintain a financial licence. They will cancel your card, change your account number, "lose" transactions and shut your account without any logical reason or explanation. Customer service is non-existent. They have a contact form and email address but I have never had a reply from either in over 4 years of various contact attempts. The call centre staff don't have much of a clue if you do manage to get through to them. Their charges are insane. 2% transaction fee on top of the monthly account fee for a card which is rarely accepted online. They've also now added an "enhanced security" measure which requires 2 factor authentication for some payments. God help you if that does pop up because the code will never arrive and your transaction will continually time out. In a way I'm glad they are closing their Seasons/Freedom accounts next month as it will finally give me the kick to ditch this nightmare of an operator.

Dear Contis

Dear Contis My Bank Santander reported.a push pay scam on my Account. On 30th January I Reported this within 24 Hours. So far you have not replied could you tell me if you are currently investigating it? And will I get the funds I lost returned. The person responsible for This took a substantial amount of Money and Got me to put The payment in my Name it has me left overdrawn in my Account i will now get Charged really upset. Yours Sincerely Mr Chris Penfold-Ivany.

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Contis Financial Services Ltd Payment systems with reviews from real users and our experts. Contis Financial Services Ltd provides the following services: Acquiring, API integration, Crypto-friendly Account, Debit cards, Debit cards (virtual), Merchant Accounts, Multi-currency Account, P2P, Safeguarding/Custiodian Accounts, Segregated Accounts, SEPA Transactions, Stand by letter of credit, SWIFT Transactions, White label, 3d secure payment gateway.

At the moment, Contis Financial Services Ltd rating on Finscanner is 3.8 and on Trustpilot is 2.8.