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About is a Southeast Asian fintech company that enables anyone, including those without a bank account, to easily access financial services directly from their phone. is a mobile wallet that allows users to buy load, send money to anyone, pay bills, receive remittances from 200+ countries- even without a bank account.


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Trustpilot reviews


Apr 19, 2022

For me it's the best e wallet..I made…

For me it's the best e wallet..I made successful in life here.


Mar 16, 2022

This e-wallet is not good.

This e-wallet is not good. I've been user of this platform and I used it good before after a few years they terminate my account and telling me that I violate of there Betur User Agreement which is I don't know where I get violated to this section I use only for receiving from my crypto and e-loading and sending money to loveones which is only need level 1 and 2 and now they asking me to send another documents like for termination withdrawal to my remaining balance which is much high payment than to my remaining balance.why they don't give to me my remaining balance and then after that close my account :( For me this is good but after a few years that I used if there is a 0 in rating i give it 0.Yeah true this e-wallet platform gives to me headache. so to all users beware of this e-wallet platform. grrrr... grrrrr


Jan 5, 2022

A total waste of time

A total waste of time. UDDER BS. almost 1 month to verify. then they wont allow you to choose how much you wish to spend. THEY limit how much you can send. W....T...F.. One Bitcoin is about 2.7m but after they reviewed everything i sent they said sorry sir your only allowed 1.7m even tho I clearly have enough money in my bank account to buy whatever the f i want. Now i use Gemini. NO BS LIMITS. 10 mins to sign up, with FULL ACCESS..


Dec 8, 2021

If I can give 0

If I can give 0, I will!! It’s so annoying, they keep on saying that someone is with me on the photo 🤷‍♀️. . I did send 4x but still the same reason why they can’t accept my photo. DON NOT USE THIS USELESS APP! do not remember my password do not remember my password


Nov 9, 2021

Verification process ridiculos and…

Verification process ridiculos and lousy customer service. Been using for a while and been level 3 verified before but then ask again to verify.


Oct 31, 2021

Do not ever trust this they…

Do not ever trust this they can easily stopped you to withdraw your money they are doing this for their own purpose to get your money, it is scary that they will get all your money in your wallet.

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