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About CoinPayments

CoinPayments is a cloud wallet solution and a payment gateway for merchants that integrates a checkout system for numerous cryptocurrencies. CoinPayments is a digital currency payment solution allowing merchants to accept Bitcoin and over 1700 altcoins in their store through easy to use plugins, APIs and POS interfaces.


Incoming Payments - To Balance (funds go to Wallet)


Incoming Payments - ASAP (funds are forwarded to external address)

0.5% + 0.00040000 BTC

Withdrawal Fees

0.00040000 BTC

Conversion Fees

0.00040000 BTC + conversion partner's fees (if any)

Incoming Payments - Nightly (funds are forwarded to external address in one nightly batch)

0.5% + 0.00040000 BTC

Commercial Deposits (Callback Addresses created with our API)


Transfers (off-blockchain sends to $PayByName tags or email, etc.)


Settlement Fee (Bank Account)



  • BTC


  • ETH


  • LTC


  • USDT


  • SOL


  • DOGE


Additional Information

  • Cryptocurrency Merchant Account Tools

Trustpilot reviews


May 22, 2022

very disappointed in the customer…

very disappointed in the customer service and there lack of support or solutions, tells me that they dont value customers and are in it for profit - as most of them are in this capitalist era


May 19, 2022


sent them bitcoin payment and from my side all went good i sent them txid but they reply that they did not receive real cons


May 17, 2022

KYC Failure

Great platform. I have no real issues with and for the service you provide we're grateful for your business. However I am having issues with KYC. Specifically the part where I need to upload an ID. The selfie was approved but the standalone ID wasn't. I have sent a couple clear copies of the passport but it's still being rejected. Can you check what I am doing wrong? Merchant ID: 9c0c0e3dda26d9f20d9b079b1f15882c


May 12, 2022

Made a payment of $1000

Made a payment of $1000. The payment for some reason reached them 5 cents short. I then had to send them the remaining 5 cents. Paying Eth transaction fees all the way along. I did this but was then told I would have to apply for a refund within a month or would lose my money. I tried to do this but keep getting an error message. Spent hours trying to sort this out and still no money. I am starting to think this a company out, to rip people off.


May 7, 2022

Coinpayments Scam

El dia 25 de abril me bloquearon la cuenta sin previo aviso. No me permiten retirar mis fondos ni me permiten iniciar sesion para hacer el reclamo. Cuidado, con esta empresa, te puede robar tu dinero.


May 5, 2022

These guys are impossible thieves

These guys are impossible thieves. They make everything so complicated and impossible that they just get to keep your crypto in the end. You just pass their KYC procedure past $1000 in sales, but they let you keep selling, and building the account. I have easily complied with all other KYC procudures with all other companies But these CoinPayments guys are really crazy Having me send pdf files from my bank with bank statements, copies of ids, days and days of emails And in the end, totally rejected without reason And no way to withdraw my funds from my wallet!!!! Thieves thieves thieves Possibly also scammers


Apr 29, 2022

My kyc is still pending my withdrawl is…

My kyc is still pending my withdrawl is still pending this app is so ridiculous ı have limit for 1000 usd but ı can not take my money

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