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About Coinomi

Coinomi is a security-first, multi-chain wallet for both mobile & desktop that provides native support and true ownership for more than 125 blockchains and thousands of tokens. Coinomi now has employees in Cyprus, Brazil, Greece, Russia, Switzerland, the UK and the US. Offices are in London, Athens, Valetta and Nicosia.


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    (Binance Coin)

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  • XRP


Supported networks

Ethereum (ERC-20)Ethereum (ERC-20)Tron (TRC-20)Tron (TRC-20)CardanoCardanoTezosTezosStellarStellar

Additional Information

  • Coinomi has zero fees for either incoming or outgoing transactions. Outgoing transactions on Coinomi attract mining fees.

Trustpilot reviews


May 19, 2022


I absolutely love this wallet! The live chat team are on point and quick and know what they're talking about and they know what they're doing and virtually anything that you can think of as far as crypto is concerned coin on me has covered except for EOS. IN MY OPINION IT IS THE BEST OF THE BEST!


Apr 5, 2022

the exchange rate is a straight scam

the exchange rate is a straight scam , fees are way to high, they use the API from changelly but they put extra fees so rather go and use the changelly or other exchanges. Telegram group is a big BS , scammers all over and if you ask some questions regarding the privacy of the wallet they ban you. update: straight up lie typical coinomi !


Apr 5, 2022

I'm gonna recommend this app to…

I'm gonna recommend this app to everybody. Excellent services, thanks for that.


Mar 31, 2022

Ich habe zum Test 0,5 ETH gekauft und…

Ich habe zum Test 0,5 ETH gekauft und musste fast 300 Dollar Gebühren zahlen. Na wenn das mal keine Abzocke ist. Habe meine ETH direkt zu Wonderfi übertragen und nochmals 3,50 Euro zahlen müssen. Ich gebe der Firma keine 6 Monate dann steht die Insolvenz im Haus.


Mar 30, 2022


Good app, excellent customer service!


Mar 19, 2022

A frustrating nightmare

A nightmare. I subscribed to buy crypto for an online payment. I just needed a precise amount of Bitcoin Cash, which I bought. However, as soon as I completed the purchase, I realised that the amount in my wallet was much lower than what I paid for. I contacted the live chat function which, I must say, is very quick in replying. However, they did not solve the issue. They just sent me tons of copy-and-paste links and blamed everything on external partners. So, I tried to sell my Bitcoin Cash to recover some of my money. However, I could not do this on Coinomi. They told me that I had to search online for other providers. So, I tried to buy gift cards from Coinomi, but there was no gift card payble with Bitcoin Cash. Basically, on Coinomi it is very easy to spend your money to buy crypto, but extremely hard (if not impossible) to sell or use your crypto. Worst thing though is that I paid for something and I got something different in return. I bought £45 of Bitcoin Cash, and immediately after the transaction I had an amount of dollars which corresponded to £30. I lost around £15 for no reason. In the end, I had to use another famous online platform on which everything was simple and smooth.


Mar 17, 2022

Good support🙂❤️

Good support🙂❤️ Good app) Рекомендую это приложение)) тех поддержка - 🔥

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