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About Coinlist Pro

CoinList Pro is a cryptocurrency exchange from the United States. It has been operational since 2020.


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Trustpilot reviews


Apr 27, 2022

Is Coinlist a scam or just very poor customer service?

When I started registering for token sales I wasn't able to, so I submitted a support request, and after months, they finally responded saying that I was incorrectly banned from accessing the token sales. Fast forward a few months later, after not being able to actually participate in any token sales, I start trying to accrue "Karma" and continue to try to participate in token sales. In the last token sale, for some reason I couldn't access the waiting area even though I was registered for the sale. I sent an email inquiring why this was, after a month or so later I get an email saying I had “Violated their T&C" and that I was banned from all token sales....I replied to the email asking for clarification and they closed my request.....


Apr 25, 2022

Please avoid Coin List at all cost

Please avoid Coin List at all cost. I got stolen 15.000 usd. I withdraw a coins to correct address and it showed me error. I tried again and founds were transferred to another address which i did not put in. I have print screens i was sending my coins to another address than where they come. Now we will see if tether can froze and retrieve the founds.


Apr 22, 2022

Best token sales platform in the world

Best new Cryptocurrency token sales platform Pros: average retail investor can safely contribute and participate in token sales. Variety of products offered such as staking, lending, governance and trading. Karma system to reward long term supporters. Spoof and exploit proof: Users found buying /selling KYC'd accounts gets banned (no questions asked, with no chance of appeal) Funds deposited from unverified sources: ban Any illegal activities involves a user account will get the account banned. Which is a benefit for investors who come to contribute to the industry rather than exploit it. NFT rewards were given as a gift to supporters for free. Every single coinlist sale has over a million individuals willing to participate in the sales, if coinlist is bad as its advertised by the whales, there won't be over a million participants in it, think about it! Cons: Whales try to push the platform's reputation down in multiple ways in order to cause high quality companies to steer away from coinlist towards more whale-friendly platforms such as DAO maker and other companies where whales get the cake and the average investor is left biting the dust High fees TL;DR Coinlist is the best available token sales platform with no other platform comes near it for the high reputation companies and the average retail investor alike. Highly recommend.


Apr 21, 2022

A FUIR, catastrophique, des voleurs

Après avoir passé plus de d'un an sur cette plateforme à faire toutes les ico et gagner du Karma (via le trading, stacking, etc), du jour au lendemain, impossible d'accéder à mon compte. J'ouvre un ticket, puis deux, puis trois, puis quatre, etc Au bout de 10 tickets et 30 jours d'attente, le support me répond : "Nous avons pas à nous justifier votre compte est fermé" ... A FUIR absolument se sont des arnaqueurs et ils n'hésitent pas à vous voler. De plus ils ne respectent pas la loi. Demande d'accès à mes données (RGPD) et ils me demandent des dizaines de papiers et font trainer la procédure encore et encore pour que j'abandonne. Ils font d'ailleurs cela pour tout. Bref, à FUIR si vous ne voulez pas perdre du temps et de l'argent.


Apr 20, 2022

Karma system got me banned

Karma system got me banned. Doing there required task can get you banned. Useless system and no admin support. Adding to the negative reviews.


Apr 19, 2022

A reliable exchange

A reliable exchange. That's it.


Apr 15, 2022

I am actively involved in crypto

I am actively involved in cryptocurrency - this is my way of earning. I participated in many sales on the coinlist and I can say - this is a terrible platform. Not once did they accrue tokens on time! It looks like a joke, but just now they delayed the sale of tokens for several hours, and they did not write the exact time. But each time they postponed the timer by 10 minutes! They have high commissions, but at the same time terribly slow withdrawal. You must not use this site.

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