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About Coinbase

Coinbase is an American crypto exchange, one of the largest trading platforms in the world with over 68 million verified users, supported in more than 100 countries, and seen 797 billion USD in total transaction volume (dated H1 2021). Coinbase is more focused on retail consumers that want to buy Bitcoin with fiat currencies, whereas Coinbase Pro is a more advanced cryptocurrency trading platform. In October, 2021 hackers stole from the accounts of at least 6,000 customers of Coinbase Global Inc by having exploited a flaw in the company's SMS account recovery process.


Wallet Fees

0.15-15 EUR

Trading Fees


Withdrawal Fees

0.15-25 EUR

Conversion Fees


Internal Fee

0.15-25 EUR


  • BTC


  • ADA


  • ETH


  • LTC


  • SOL


  • USDC

    (USD Coin)

  • DOT


  • DOGE


  • LINK


  • ALGO


  • BCH

    (Bitcoin Cash)

  • WBTC

    (Wrapped Bitcoin)

  • ATOM


  • DAI


  • XLM


  • ETC

    (Ethereum Classic)

Supported networks

Ethereum (ERC-20)Ethereum (ERC-20)StellarStellar

Additional Information

  • 40+ cryptcurrencies are available

  • Coinbase Wallet is a crypto wallet and Dapp browser that allow users to securely store, receive and send cryptos as well as to interact with Web 3 DApps powered by Ethereum

  • Payments from/to credit & debit cards, US and Japan bank accounts, via SEPA, Faster Payments, PayPal, Sofort, iDEAL, SWIFT are available

  • Spending USDC with Coinbase Card has no fee

Trustpilot reviews


May 3, 2022

Trusted crypto App

Trusted crypto App


May 2, 2022

I would give them a zero if possible

I would give them a zero if possible. Coinbase as a company is legit so bad. They will lock your account and then make it difficult to reactivate it. I sent 30k to them, their fees are ridiculously high. A person is better off just learning how to do their own wallet or don't invest in crypto. Their customer service is also pathetic, they have bots that just send the same cut and paste that doesn't actually resolve the issue. My account is still restricted and locked and my money is stuck with them.


May 2, 2022

Zero help from support

Zero help from support. Live chat is a robot, very slow to respond for a company that expects people to trust them with your money .


May 2, 2022

30 day hold with no prior notice or clear reason

THE ABSOLUTE WORST. I have about $10,000 in holdings that I have no access to and no clear explanation as to why. Coinbase has placed a 30 day hold on this portion of my holdings, preventing me from moving these assets to a different platform and discontinuing business with them. I have contacted them numerous times and they will not provide a specific reason for this lengthy hold and no options to remedy the problem if there is one (they will not specify what the issue is). There is no option to escalate the issue to someone that can actually provide details regarding the hold or help resolve the problem. No phone number to talk to a live person beyond the first tier of general customer service. ***Really the worst customer service.*** My funds have cleared my bank and I have cleared all of their verification processes, so they know I am the account holder. They are also extremely dishonest with disclosure on hold times. The customer service rep says hold times are disclosed at time of trade, which is completely untrue. PLUS, I recently received a privacy class action lawsuit email against Plaid which is the company that verifies bank details for ACHs used by Coinbase. The most concerning part of this lawsuit is that Plaid creates a duplicate bank log in page interface that requests your account username and password which Plaid holds on to with no apparent disclosure.'s all bad. Cryptocurrency has an exciting future but unfortunately companies like Coinbase operate like most large tech company (and bureaucracies), unilateral control with little recourse for the customer/patron. I have submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau to help resolve the matter... Given Coinbase is a financial institution/platform, they really should be subject to greater regulation. I foresee many more people having poor experiences.


May 2, 2022

Bar slecht

Bar slecht. Ook de communicatie is niet op te starten. Reageren gebeurd alleen via een botapp die je aan het lijntje houd.


May 2, 2022

Rude representatives and bad service 7 days Hold

I have always transferred the funds paid the fees and than could use the money to purchase the goods from online providers. Yesterday it was not the case. Could not use my money. Have contacted the Coinbase and were told that my funds are placed on the one weeks hold and that it is new norms of Coinbase. This is ridiculous. I have done so previously for 15 times at least. Transferred than used to send. The agent Monica were rude to me as well. I do not recommend Bitcoin to anyone not only do they charge a large fee on your transfer but you now have to wait a week to send your funds. Use another crypto provider!


May 2, 2022

I'm extremely concerned

I'm extremely concerned. My husband received a call with reference to £250 pounds he stupidly gave a few years ago, some guy called him and told him they are worth 5k. But he has to get a coinbase account to transfer the funds, but they say it has to be a laptop?? They connect to Samsung tablet and then state it cannot be done?. If this company is legit then why can't they just transfer the money into bank account. Advice needed

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Coinbase Crypto with reviews from real users and our experts. Coinbase provides the following services: API integration, Buy & Sell Bitcoin, Buy & Sell Crypto, Crypto Acquiring, Escrow & Custody, Personal account manager, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Crypto Cards, Debit cards.

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