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Clear Junction Ltd
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Clear Junction Ltd


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About Clear Junction Ltd

Clear Junction Ltd is an electronic money institution focused on providing payment infrastructure services. Clear Junction Ltd offers current accounts, client money accounts, collection accounts, omnibus accounts, correspondent accounts, international payouts, IBAN allocation, SEPA/SWIFT payments to natural persons, corporate customers, financial institutions. In 2019 Clear Junction Ltd had total assets of 20.54 mln EUR, Clear Junction Ltd generated net income of 225,184.00 EUR. Incorporated in the United Kingdom, Clear Junction Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Trustpilot reviews


Apr 2, 2022

These people are connected to and know…

These people are connected to and know scammers. They refuse to co operate with law enforcement to catch criminals.


Mar 20, 2022

These people let scammers use thier…

These people let scammers use thier services. Proof here Clear Junction LTD 15 KingswayLondon. Bank account number 29900313 sort code 04-13-07 they are asscoiated with iotam who are a crypto scam company see reviews amongst other crypoto scams that are kicking about that have extracted millions through their criminal activity, they will probably take this down as they did my last review. Not saying its clear junctions fault, but they are culpable as a connected party. This is not slanderous its factual.


Dec 16, 2021

Geld verschwindet einfach

Geld verschwindet einfach? Das darf nicht sein! Wir reden hier nicht von einer Kleinigkeit sondern von der Summe von 14.000€. Das Geld wurde an Banxa angewiesen. Die bedienen sich des Anbieters Clear Junction um es in dem Fall zu CakeDefi zu transferieren. Undurchsichtig genug. Das eine Summe von 14.000€ allerdings nach zwei Wochen noch immer nicht angekommen ist weil der Vorgang nicht bearbeitet wird, das darf auf keinen Fall sein. Ich habe Beschwerde bei der Aufsichtsbehörde eingelegt und werde wohl auch Strafanzeige veranlassen.


Nov 3, 2021

Seem like accomplices to fraud. Wouldnt work with them.

Revised review: I was in personal contact with clear junction a few month ago. Both via Mail and via phone. The problem that I faced was that my family got scammed by one of clear junctions clients and clear junction did not see the necessity to take action of any kind against their client even while the fraud was ongoing or offer us me any help on the matter. The request via their contact form was answered weeks after my inquiry - they pointed to financial obudsman and such and apparently dont feel like they should take action against their criminal clients. The goddamn financial account of the scammer was still up weeks after my complaint. The phone help (besides having a frustrated and unmotivated service guy on the line) on the side of clear junction was the following:"Oh, the fraud is going on right now? Did you write to us? Well I cant take a look into it anyways. Will you describe it in a few words so I can look it up AFTER OUR CALL and then forward it to the right department." Jesus guys, who wants to stop a crime while in action, right? Feels like accomplice to fraud.


Aug 10, 2021

Clear Junction Binance and FInvesting

My money was taken from my account by a member of staff from FInvesting called Anthony S. He transferred it through an account in Clear Junction Limited. My bank, the authorities and myself have tried and tried to get in touch with these people from Clear Junction Limited to try and locate my money. Having tried to get in touch with the CEO even to try and explain that his company is being used to launder money and scam people he has not been in touch. This means only one thing! They are adamant that FInvesting are not their customer, yet how come FInvesting managed to take my money through Clear Junction Limited by using their business and their account.


Aug 1, 2021

How is it right that you no longer let…

How is it right that you no longer let uk residents withdraw funds from Binance ? What an uncaring thing to do . How are you protecting people by not allowing Binance users to withdraw there funds ? Please explain . Explain how I can get my money from Binance if uk citizens are prevented from withdrawing there funds? Also the FCA are a waste of time just look at there reviews. Your both more cowboy outfits than Binance .


Jul 13, 2021

No return from Clearjunction / Binance

I have lost money with Clearjunction where Binance returned our transactions, but mobody knows where the money is! We have written letter from Clearjunction to tell that money have been returned however our bank can not see it and Clearjunction does not answer after several attempts already! After Barclays contacted them the answer was: 'Clearjunction bank replied to Barclays 'we are not SEPA bank so we dont need to get involved in this case' So clearly they have informed in written they have the money, but now refused to even discuss the matter at all! This is now 5 weeks and no reply! Are they so unreliable? Should I record a Cyber Crime case? What should I do? And the amount is rather big...

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Clear Junction Ltd Payment systems with reviews from real users and our experts. Clear Junction Ltd provides the following services: Agreggated Account, B2B Accounts, C2B Accounts, Safeguarding/Custiodian Accounts, SEPA Transactions, SWIFT Transactions.

At the moment, Clear Junction Ltd rating on Finscanner is 3.8 and on Trustpilot is 2.5.