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ClearBank is a new clearing bank founded by WorldPay founder Neil Ogden. It is the first new clearing bank opened in the UK in 250 years. It is a ‘bank for banks’ and offers no services to the public. Instead, ClearBank focuses on delivering payment processing and banking services to financial companies including banks, building societies, challenger banks and financial start-ups.


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Trustpilot reviews


May 18, 2022

Not made out what it is

I am not one to take to forums or review panels but seriously feel that I need to warn others before they make the grave mistake I did. when looking for my next role and went for several interviews and I was fortunate enough to be in a position to have received 4 offers at the same time, with one of them being at ClearBank, the offer I received was the lowest of the other 3 offers. But the promises of a team-first, work-life balance, and working together for a greater good made me want to go to ClearBank. It did not take too long after getting into the role to actually see behind the curtains. The CEO is great but is clueless as to what is happening on the ground because he has left the running of the business to very well-versed political BS specialists who are extremely inexperienced and have no idea what and how to deliver but instead can talk their way out of situations. These individuals are great at deflecting blame, taking credit for others' deliveries, and stabbing people in the back who actually contribute to the company and vision but who challenge the status quo too much or don't stroke their egos enough. There is a handful of individuals that work really hard to deliver and work really long hours ensuring the utmost professionalism to the company and clients, but the "clever" political BS specialists are constantly on holiday, never around when needed, and too busy with planning for their charity boxing matches. The company is going through major changes to align with the new investment and global expansion but instead of making positive changes, they are actually making things even worse. One of the political BS specialists is now taking on the role of international COO with very little experience beyond being an analyst before joining ClearBank and now will be heading up the international expansion efforts. Then the head of operations, another clueless and extremely two-faced individual who in her approach, smiles all friendly at you in meetings but at the same time makes plans to get rid of you to make space to hire some of her close friends/allies into the roles, and has already done so. Don't get me wrong there are some really good people that work here as well, but as you would expect that with a 40% + turnover all of these individuals are moving out fast, and ClearBank has more than 140 vacancies for existing roles of good people that they have lost over a very short period. If I had a time machine I would go back and never have accepted the role at ClearBank, as all it has done is added long working hours, weekend work, undue stress, mentally affected me, and having to constantly watch my every move, with fear of "will I be the next victim" and with no recognition because the political BS specialists have taken that too. Just a friendly warning before you make your next career decision and are stuck in my position looking for a way out.


Apr 14, 2022

Binance use them

Binance use them. My deposit never made it. It's nearly a month later...


Nov 16, 2021

Should be ashamed thanks to your…

Should be ashamed thanks to your company I got scammed out of £1200 I hope you can sleep at night


Aug 17, 2021

Shocking! Fraud

Shocking!! How are they FCA regulated!! I’m opening a complain with FCS they took my funds due to it being sent to one of their customers account in error and they simply don’t want to return my money going against faster payments rules legal action is the only way as they don’t even answer phone calls what a dodgy bank!


Aug 15, 2021

ClearBank Limited's Lack of Due Diligence

On 10th October 2018, I transferred funds (£20,000) to a digital company calling itself DTX Markets. The transfer account was set up by ClearBank Limited, who should have carried out checks for money laundering and other such fraudulent activities. The digital company, DTX Markets, turned out to be a scam. When I complained to ClearBank, the Ombudsman, Mr Steven To, wrote to me in an email on 12th July, 2021, stating that before January 2019, they haven't been able to consider complaints brought by consumers against the receiving payment service provider bank. A key consideration is in deciding whether or not a complainant under the Dispute Resolution Rules has a certain relationship with the business being complained about. Before 31st January 2019, ClearBank argues, there was a lack of relationship between the consumer (ie me) and the receiving payment service provider, (ie ClearBank), because I did not have a prior existing bank account with them. This is a wholly unfair way of twisting the law to suit their convenience. As we all know, when we open bank accounts, our credentials are thoroughly checked. What checks did ClearBank carry out on the accounts that the merchant, DTX Markets, opened in their bank? I would like to point out that these accounts received very large sums of money from many unsuspecting people. Surely anti-money laundering considerations should have come into play? The flimsy argument of the law changing on January 2019 beggars belief. All the banks that I have registered with before January 2019 have carried out strict money laundering checks. I believe this response from Mr Steven To, the Ombudsman of ClearBank, is a scandalous avoidance of the bank's responsibility to all its customers, particularly transitory customers, relying on the honesty of the banking community.


Apr 1, 2021

I lost all my money I don’t know what…

I lost all my money I don’t know what to do :(

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