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Circle UK Trading Ltd
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Circle UK Trading Ltd


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About Circle UK Trading Ltd

Circle UK Trading Ltd is an electronic money institution focused on global crypto finance. Circle UK Trading Ltd offers trading on crypto exchanges, cryptocurrency trading, advanced cryptocurrency trading, investing in crypto currencies, international payments to individuals, institutions. In 2019 Circle UK Trading Ltd had total assets of 8.77 mln GBP, Circle UK Trading Ltd generated net income of -3,683,259.00 GBP. Incorporated in the United Kingdom, Circle UK Trading Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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Trustpilot reviews


Oct 15, 2021

Had a pretty poor experience in an…

Had a pretty poor experience in an opaque application process for a business account (when I've had no problem with a lot of other great online vendors for other financial products).


Jun 1, 2021

Invest your money in CRYPTO and not on…

Invest your money in CRYPTO and not on platform. They are there to SCAM you


May 28, 2021 is a total scam. is a total scam. They ask for confidential information that is not required in any business, not even in regulated financial institutions and once they "verify" your profile, they try to charge you additional fees for "helping you to set up your business, unwanted, and then they have a "problem" paying your funds. Which results in a loss for the user but nothing else. Sorry to have fallen for these scammers and lost some USD 1,200 , but as a warning to all others, STAY AWAY FROM THESE SCAMMERS.


Nov 9, 2020

Circle-Centre-Coinbase bunch of criminals

Circle, centre, coinbase is a group of scammer, stealing money from people by tricking them to deposit their hard earn money into the usdc account. I sent 500 usdc from my personal wallet into the coinbase account. Using QR code reader ( from mobile phone to ipad) The QR code was intentionally formatted different than it usual. The result is the 500 usdc landed in the usdc creator smart contract which is Centre. From March to October. The final email I got. They said they won't return the usdc for me. What kind of company Or crimoney are they? Idk why the US government still have not touched this Rouge company and make them pay for what they did. I guess these are the crime organizations. I hope you read this review and stay away!


Sep 29, 2020

I down loaded app I noticed money out…

I down loaded app I noticed money out of account. For a reading I did not ask. I complained and a reading I had I timed it when I got through it states u r not being charged waiting to get through to reader. Not true as one min charged extra. I asked for them to sort out. But they have not. Its a disgrace. A reading I did not have charged on my account. Don't leave card on to stop this happening.


Jul 29, 2020

aight here comes the truth from a 13 year old's perspective

okay so im gonna be honest. im just a kid. ovbiously i hate this dam app but my dad loves it. and its annoying. literally. so tbh it is a good app for parent controlling. it really is. but sometimes it lies about your overall time. one day i only spent 25 mins on my phone, but it said i spent 3 hours 30 mins! the next day i spent 1 hour on my phone but it said i spent 10 mins only! also it rly annoys ur kids. soooo.... ye im just a pretty annoyed kid writing a review about dis trashy app that my dad unfortunately found :)


May 14, 2020

They just outright STEAL your money!...STAY AWAY FROM!..They've NEVER been good!

Had a little BTC on the old Poloniex system. Was notified by Poloniex that the money had to be removed from their platform by Dec. 2019. This I did, transferring my little bit of BTC to my Circle account. When I went to try and withdraw it, they wanted my bank info in order to complete the transfer. Don't know why, as years ago I provided my bank information so they should have already had it. So, it's gonna be a $30 hit for the transfer. My monies were only about 27 dollars converted from the little bit of BTC. So, I left it there. The new year rolls around and here I find out Poloniex and Circle are now Poloniex/Circle and utilizing the original Poloniex platform.I start getting emails again from them to withdraw my money. I get back on what is now the Poloniex/Circle platform and find that I only have .09 USDC which is a dollar. I scramble around the web trying to find the Circle website where my little bit of money should still be. It doesn't exist. So, I guess, either does my money.

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Circle UK Trading Ltd Crypto with reviews from real users and our experts. Circle UK Trading Ltd provides the following services: Acquiring, Crypto Acquiring, Crypto Banks, Crypto-friendly Account, Crypto Payouts, Marketplaces, SWIFT Transactions, Wallets, Wire Transfer Acceptance.

At the moment, Circle UK Trading Ltd rating on Finscanner is 4 and on Trustpilot is 1.8.