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About Change

Change is a FinTech company providing retail clients in Europe access to investments. Tens of thousands of people from 31 EU countries trade 170 million euros with Change.


Buy & sell Bitcoin


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  • Buy & sell Bitcoin without fees, invest in over 30 altcoins and diversify your portfolio with gold, stocks, indices & commodities

  • An easy, up-to 7% annual interest earning option

  • Use your crypto-friendly VISA card in over 40M locations worldwide

Trustpilot reviews


May 14, 2022

They took over all my Luna coins

They took over all my Luna coins in my wallet. They are not visible any longer. Suspended without any notice buying and selling it, even on other exchanges it's back again. I wouldn't call it safe exchange, because they are doing wherever they want without letting know they users. Till now, there is no official info about suspending buying/selling Luna from Change invest. At least some e-mail or message on official fb webpage would be good enough. No, nothing. I send like few messages in the last 12 hours and no response from them. No explanation regarding my Luna coins, no info when it will be back. Epic.


Mar 28, 2022

they recieved funds, but not add it to my acc or return it to my bank acc, money lost

I used this serevice +- 1 year and after that I sended almost 200 Euros and they didnt add it to my change invest acc, even after 14 days. I contacted their supp, but 0 fix and only promises about it. Everything was fine, but this experience change rly everything and truly ... change my invest exp.


Mar 21, 2022

He Hecho un deposito pero no he puesto…

He Hecho un deposito pero no he puesto la descripcion de la transferencia ( El codigo que me ponen al principio) Como reconocen mi deposito sin esa descripcion? En cuanto tiempo me llega la tarjeta? En cuanto tiempo se hace efectivo el deposito? Gracias


Feb 7, 2022

Die App ist wirklich Top.

Die App ist wirklich Top. Jedoch hätte ich 1-2 Verbesserungen 1. Umstellungen auf verschiedene Sprachen 2. Eine Übersicht um zu sehen wie viel du mit den einzelnen Währungen im Plus oder Minus bist, nicht nur wie viel du insgesamt drin hast und was es grade Wert ist sondern eben den Vergleich zwischen Kaufpreis und Ist Preis so hat man eine Bessere Übersicht


Feb 5, 2022

I created my account on October 2021

I created my account on October 2021. Everything worked well. They had good prices, fast payments,... I was selling BTC and sending Euros to my Revolut account. Overall, it was around 13000 euros. In December, I received this e-mail: "Occasionally, we need to verify the source of our customer's funds (SoF). This is a legal routine and not something you'd need to worry about. Kindly send us a document where we can identify your source of funds. This can be one of the following documents: ...." My account got deactivated because "I hadn't read the e-mail in time." I didn't consider that a problem. I sent them my bank statement with two payments from selling my two flats. They wanted me to send them the contracts regarding the sale of my flats, and so I did. It wasn't enough. They wanted to know the purpose of the money. I sent them the information that I spent it on building my garden lake, and I sent the photos. And again, not enough. They asked me whether I sent the Bitcoins from my wallet. Yes, I did send them from my hardware wallet. All of my deposits were from my wallet. They wanted screenshots; therefore, I made them and sent them. It was, you guessed it, not enough. They asked me: "Could you please tell us from where you received that transaction and what its purpose was?" The transaction about which they asked had been made eight months before I created my Change Invest account. It was sent from some exchange with KYC. And not coins from coin join; it was made just like the other deposits. I lost all of my patience and didn't tell them the exchange office's name. On January 27, I received an e-mail stating following: "We bring you unfortunate news! Since you have failed to provide sufficient answers and data regarding your crypto-asset transactions, we weren't able to fulfill our legal obligation of understanding the purpose of our customers' transactions. Therefore, we are forced to immediately close your account in accordance with the terms and conditions of General and Wallet articles 7.8 and 8.2.2." Luckily, I was able to withdraw all of the money before the account got deactivated. I suggest not supporting such behavior in crypto. Other platforms from Estonia don't have AML like Change Invest, and therefore it must be their choice. I thought that I would make many more transactions on this platform, but, taking into account what happened, I will not. "understanding the purpose of our customers' transactions" Guys I bought BTC and sold BTC, that's all. It is that simple. Ready to change the world? Of course—but without these guys!


Jan 13, 2022

Signup Bónus not credited

I signup with CHANGE INVEST using a friend's referral link, with the promisse for a bonus of 20 euros in ADA CARDANO, if I made a deposit of 100 euros and traded crypto with them. And if so, then CHANGE INVEST would deposit 20 € worth of ADA CARDANO until January 7 2022. But, till today I still haven't received the Bónus.


Jan 10, 2022

worst company ever

worst company ever. registered to get 20 euros worth of cardano. never received.

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