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About CapitalOne

The Capital One app allows users to manage their Capital One bank accounts, credit cards, rewards cards, transfer funds, make purchases and payments, keep an eye on the credit score- all from their smartphones anywhere and anytime. Additionally, users can deposit checks, activate debit/credit cards, and send money to family and friends.


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May 25, 2022

Capitol One purposely sets accounts to fail to collect fees

Your better off opening a credit union account than use Capital one to build a great credit rating. The way Capital One sets their accounts up, they are made to fail and collect fees, while destroying ones credit rating. I opened a new credit account with Capital one, just to get a few more credit scores on my report. From the moment I was approved, to my first and only charge, discovered their system is set up so you fail, and can fall into a fee scam if your not careful. After my first charge posted in 3 days, went to pay entire card off. Guess what? Their system refused to let me pay them, saying I was too early. The time frame they showed me for when I could pay them, leaves only 3 days to due date. You can't pre date a payment, you have to log in and make it 3 days before it's due. Ripoff Reports had over 300 complaints of this tactic, just to collect fees. What has been reported by others who made their payments in that short window reported Capital one either locking, or refusing payment for verification that's already been done. I'm seeing this as well. They want fees, no matter if they hurt ones report. I have great credit rating, so this next item was no shock to me. They refused to open a checking or savings, once I told them I was only going to use it to keep extra funds to pay them on time. Guess holding my money isn't enough. They want those fees. I have many checking accounts with every other credit card company, yet no checks printed as I only use them to pay my cards. Capitol one is only bank that says no if you tell them it's to pay off their own cards. I'm reporting this to my local DA for further investigation.


May 25, 2022

Capital one has bad customer service…

Capital one has bad customer service and is unresponsive. I had a disputed charge and I sent proof that I had been given the runaround by the company's customer service reps. They sent me a letter asking for more proof and another letter detailing the disputed charge. They are horrible and I'm sorry I had anything to do with them.


May 23, 2022

Card kept getting declined, even with Zero balance.

I've had this card for a few years now, and the only time I can recall triggering a fraud alert, the app would ask me if I was trying to make a valid purchase and allow me to confirm it. I recently moved, but despite updating my address my card was still declined for a large purchase of new furniture. Text notification that I had to call, so I called to straighten it out, gave them all my information, and was told restrictions would be lifted within 5 to 10 minutes. About 30 minutes later I tried again - only to trigger another fraud alert. This time, however, I would need to send in a picture ID, front and back, and have someone review it. Their app would not take a clear photo of my ID; the box to frame it in required holding the phone far too close to the ID to get a clear image (yes, it's a recent phone - one of the top models from last year). Ultimately, days later, speaking with the fourth representative, I finally got an email link to send in pictures from; only it wouldn't accept my photos. Got the email links sent to a different email address, and then that works for some reason. Then was told I had to wait 7 to 10 business days for the photos to be reviewed (although it "could" be sooner). This is beyond ridiculous - what if I'm a starving college student buying this week's groceries? Luckily I have good credit, and other rewards cards I could use. After getting a call and being told the restrictions were lifted, the FIRST time I tried to use it again (for a less than $50 purchase!) it was denied and restrictions were back in place. Cancelled and good riddance. I appreciate the fraud protection, I really do, but that's beyond ridiculous, and if I can't use the card then it's no good to me. Just a really stupid way to lose a customer, CapOne, just dumb.


May 23, 2022


I got a Captial One Savor card to improve my credit. BAD IDEA!!!!!! They constantly would wait until I didn't have money in my account to process my payment. If there was money in my account, I would still receive an email saying that my payment was returned, even though they had processed the payment. They did this on purpose to ruin my credit, not help it. They can NOT be trusted!!!!!!!


May 22, 2022

Bye Capital One

Bye Capital One. I've had a credit card with Cap One for 15 years, always with same credit line of 25,000 plus, and monthly bills -- always paid on time, without interest charges -- generally in amounts of about $2,000. During the15 years, the card was compromised about once per year. Never any idea how, but just cost of doing business online, although 2 or 3 other cards rarely had any fraudulent charges, yet I mostly used Capital One card. For unknown (to me) reasons, a few months ago, my card was locked. It may have had to do with moving from FL to another state, with various address changes not perfectly coordinated, but I never received explanation from Cap. There is no place to send e-mails; only recommendation to phone, which results in hours of wasted time. It was just easier to pay my final bill, and close the account. I don't need the card, nor line of credit, nor am concerned about possible mark against my credit score. I would like to access the points accumulated, which I turn into Amazon credits, but even the $100 or so, is not worth the likely hours (days?) to remedy Unlikely anybody will deter using Cap based on my experience, and having a 15-year mostly satisfactory relationship is probably a plus, however, their policy of no e-mails is a big negative, as is their not supplying reasons for locking my card.


May 20, 2022

They have great travel credit cards but…

They have great travel credit cards but they have huge limitations on ATMs and branches.


May 20, 2022

So disappointed in customer service

So disappointed in customer service. I had a card number stolen and used for Door Dash. Cap One sent a new card, then it was used for Door Dash. Called Cap One for help and I was told they update the card number with merchants after I changed it. So, basically they gave my thief my new card number. The rep told me to call Door Dash and cancel my acct. I don’t have a Door Dash acct. I asked her to close my card, she sighed and said do you want me mail you a new card or close it? -Close it. If the Capitol One rep had offered me a new acct or any apology at all I would have kept it. I also have a checking acct with them I will be closing. I’m sure they will never read this review, but it sure made me feel better writing it.

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