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About Braintree

Braintree is a merchant services provider that was originally founded in 2007 in Chicago, Illinois. Braintree was acquired in 2013 by PayPal for 800 billion USD. Today, Braintree is one of the heavyweights in the payments industry, processing more than 6 billion transactions (and over $50 billion) annually. Despite its huge size, the company is still focused almost exclusively on the eCommerce sector, with relatively little to offer for retail-only merchants. However, as payment processing systems continue to migrate to the cloud, there are more and more opportunities for merchants in any sector to take advantage of Braintree.


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Trustpilot reviews


Apr 19, 2022

Terrible support on all fronts

Terrible support on all fronts Braintree is impossible to reach - except via a form on their website, which, after you fill it out, they respond 3 days later asking for your merchant ID and don't give you a solution for up to a week. Abhorrent.


Apr 3, 2022

Zero customer support took down my business

I have put in three tickets over five days no one has responded ever my business has not been able to operate for a week. They changed something on their end with service fees and my master account is not on the drop down. No notification they took down my business just like that with no one to help because they got rid of phone support. Moving the entire site to Stripe is a project. Worst ever. **update** I want to say that I am now on day 9 without any support even though their terms of service garuntees me support. I have no been able to process any sales at all for nine days. The most important cog of my business. They are 100% unreachable and I expending time and resources to setting up a custom plugin to move my entire processor over to stripe connect but can't be completed overnight. Nonetheless how does such a service justify snubbing it's customers and halting their business. I called PayPal they connected me to their "unpublished" Braintree number. I have been on hold for well over an hour and don't expect anyone to pickup in the same fashion as their "email support". I have griped with a lot of companies but this one tops my list as the worst company of all time as it's the most dire consequences personally suffered as a result of their utter trashiness. **Update** been on hold 2 hours 37 mins no one will ever pick up in the same vein as their emails. Called on second phone. They flat out to refuse to release their phone number will only transfer you to number that never picks up. **update 3**** nine days later my problem is finally solved and you wouldn't believe what caused them to totally screw my business out of existence for over a week. In feb I got an email that one of my merchants was under 13 and they would remove that account. I actually sent a request regarding this on Feb 7th and Feb 15th. I had no vendors under the age of 13 and I asked how to fix it. The submission was never answered or resolved. I was cut off because my master account ended up being the one that was supposedly under the age of 13. Me my main account that distributes money to vendors, Sell wine and spirits, and deposist money into, and etc. The account they do business with was under the age of 13? I have been with them for five years so they would have had to sign up someone who was 7 years old or younger and was doing business with them as a wine and spirits merchant this entire time? This is an issue that should have easily been resolved on my support request on Feb 7th. Instead the erased my master account 10 days ago and put my business to a screeching halt. No one responded to me at all for 9 days! I was not able to process a single sale not even manually. They deactivated my master account and didn't even tell me that they did it. 10 days they kept me out of business. Pay pal refused to give me their phone number. I had to pay my developers hours of work to try to solve a problem that could not be solved. My developers have started an entire project of moving my entire processing to stripe connect. I lost a bunch of sales and maybe even customers. All of this because of crickets including my first age inquiry on Feb 7th. I will not just brush this off. This is the worst company I ever had the misfortune dealing with for my entire life. I have lost so much and have so much stress because they thought my business account owner was under the age of 13? If they had any support at all it would have been resolved. Worse than garbage.


Apr 1, 2022

Always find the service and staff at…

Always find the service and staff at this branch to be very professional and always willing to go that extra mile to sort your problem out ‘ nothing is ever an issue to them .


Mar 31, 2022

My site payment provider is this…

My site payment provider is this company recently all cards transactions have been declining. Something with their system is not working. I've contacted them about 5 times now, they send a generic email saying they would have come back to me 3 days later i'm still waiting for them to fix the issue. This is by fair the worst customer service experience for a small business. My site payment system their system is not working and i can't speak to them because they don't have phone or live chat support. My account Manager Shaun doesn't seem to care one bit. Today i contacted him twice and yet to have a response to the problems i'm facing with their system on my site. Stay clear of the company, if you can't speak to the technical support and they don't come back to you within 24 hrs how can you fix urgency problem that occurs on your site payment system. Worst service, they just don't give a crap about you. Gabriella Sandham xds6ch2vkbbb8x3c


Mar 16, 2022

Ive sold 1.45 million gems online and…

Ive sold 1.45 million gems online and no real problems except braintree- which is brain dead! Instant fraud and only NB is used for US$ accounts which is not closed account n 6 months later chargeback for $1000 no one customer service and funds taken out my bank account This company dinosaur and should be extinct KEEP AWAY-CAVEAT EMPTOR


Mar 8, 2022

Support is non existant

Support is non existant - Braintree took money from us which we contest, yet you cannot speak to anyone, contact forms go unanswered and there is no way to get hold of anyone. We will migrate to another provider, anything is better than what we are getting from them now


Feb 28, 2022


We have not been able to get ahold of a customer service representative to handle our issue. We have not been able to run payment for 6 days straight. A company that deals with people's money should not be this difficult to reach.

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