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About Boku

Boku is an acquiring technology provider that works with the world’s largest brands to make that ambition a reality on a global scale. The advent and mass adoption of mobile wallets have created a sea change in not just mobile payments, but in the global financial system. In 2021, Boku launched the M1ST Payments Network, combining carrier billing and mobile wallets into a single payments scheme. By combining identity verification and authentication capabilities with the Boku Platform, which aggregates and harmonizes mobile network operator systems across 58 countries worldwide, Boku Identity helps global enterprises across multiple industries effectively reduce identity fraud, etc.


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  • Solutions: Online Merchants (Accept mobile payments to drive growth), Mobile Wallet Providers (Increase payment volume), Mobile Carriers (Monetization through carrier billing & bundling)

  • Products: M1ST Payments Network (Accept mobile payments globally), Trident (Digital customer acquisition via bundling)

Trustpilot reviews


May 12, 2022

My son has had lots of unlawful charges…

My son has had lots of unlawful charges on his phone bill. How can I get my money back?


May 11, 2022

Again another person that has…

Again another person that has fraudulent transactions through this company on there mobile phone bill. Mobile phone company told me to get in touch with them, have done so and just keep getting told to send them a crime number. I have asked them repeatedly if they can give me some evidence of of the the text messages of confirmation I was supposed to have recieved through all these transactions and now with questioning seem to be getting ignored with them! I have contacted the action fraud team who actually do seem interested!


Apr 27, 2022


SCAM ! Fraudulent charge of $109.00 on our mobile phone invoice. From what I see hear many others have this experience. I want to be refunded immediately. Reply with how we can get this done asap


Apr 16, 2022

Fraudulent payments made to my mobile phone bill

I received 5 charges on my o2 mobile phone bill from Boku totalling £91.95 that I did not recognise. I contacted Boku who informed me that my mobile number has been used to make purchases to Sony Network Entertainment Limited. I understand these relate to charges for Sony Playstation games. Boku told me "The customer must authorize the transaction by either replying with a keyword or entering a PIN number before they can be billed". This did not happen. The first I knew about this was when I received SMS messages thank me for my payment. I was never asked to authorise the transaction by a keyword or PIN. The payments were applied to my o2 bill without my knowledge nor authorisation. It is ridiculous that seemingly anyone can make large repeated payments to your mobile phone bill without any knowledge. I see that I am not the only person in this situation and will be contacting the Director of o2 in an attempt to ensure that this fraudulent company can no longer bill o2 customers. The company have so far refused to provide me with a refund, so it looks like I will have to issue legal proceedings against them.


Apr 6, 2022

Charge for a $129 from this Boku…

Charge for a $129 from this Boku company that we have never heard of. The company seems to have no way of actually contacting them, after they have scammed you, with exception they seem to answer quick on here. Seems this scam has been going on for months. Next to no help from Telus on this either.


Apr 5, 2022

total scam my son has been getting text…

total scam my son has been getting text messages and now sees charges for over 100 pounds to this company that he has not even ever heard of, his phone company will not refund him and it has been reported to the police


Mar 25, 2022

I got a $70 charge from Boku on my…

I got a $70 charge from Boku on my phone bill. Ive never used it, i dont even have data on my phone. I tried contacting them on thier website, they say "send a code", never got a code, never used this scam company in my life.

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Boku Acquiring with reviews from real users and our experts. Boku provides the following services: Acquiring, API integration, Card processing solutions, Marketplaces, Mass Payouts, Merchant Accounts, White label, Wire Transfer Acceptance, 3d secure payment gateway, US allowed, ApplePay, GooglePay, Paypal Integration.

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