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Axos Bank
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Axos Bank

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API integrationAsset ManagementCash depositCash withdrawalLoansSafeguarding/Custiodian AccountsSavings AccountWire Transfer AcceptanceTwo-Factor Authentication (2FA)ACH

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About Axos Bank

Axos Bank is a full-service online bank offering one of the best high-yield savings accounts available. The popular online bank was founded in 2000 under the name Bank of Internet USA. In 2018, it changed to its current name. Along with banking products, its services include various lending options, investment portfolios, and business and commercial banking solutions.


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  • Bank - Checking, Savings, CDs

  • Borrow - Mortgages, Personal Loans, Auto Loans

  • Invest - Managed Portfolios, Self Directed Trading

  • Equipment Finance, Lender Finance, Small Balance Commercial, Real Estate Residential Warehouse Lending, Commercial Real Estate Bridge and Construction Lending, Treasury Management

  • Basic Business Checking, Business Interest Checking, Business Savings, Business Premium Savings, Business Money Market, Business CDs

Trustpilot reviews


May 16, 2022

Could not get through the application…

Could not get through the application process before system errors induced a customer service request. Their service is obtuse and unhelpful. They have failed to earn my business.


May 1, 2022

$14,000 MISSING

They took the money put my fathers account who had written checks to me - they then said the mobile deposit wasn’t accepted and to mail in physical checks … I did and then I got a message they were closing my account. No ability to speak to anyone. They kept saying “we can chose to end the banking relationship at any time” - they mailed the checks back to me but still have not credited it back to my fathers account. $14,000!!!!!! All they told me when I asked about it was “your money is safe”. 5 months later still no $14,000 Run as fast as you can from these clowns


Apr 22, 2022

Terrible Customer Service

Worst customer service ever! I will be changing banks ASAP. What other bank takes 5-7 business days to process a deposited check that is from another bank, one of the largest in the world? Mobile deposit takes longer? Okay, great, that's the only option to deposit a check. After going back and forth for a week via email I'm finally told I can request early release of funds and it can be processed within 24 hours. Why didn't anyone bother to tell me this when it would have made a difference? And no other bank ever has flat out refused to honor the name I actually use (which is part of my legal name) and put it on my debit card.


Apr 21, 2022

Terrible online bank

Terrible online bank. Blocked my debit card without notifying me, every request or transaction requires you to submit a ‘secure message’ which takes days to be responded to, absolutely zero personal touch. Left listening to hold music for well over an hour. Will be closing out my account asap.


Mar 18, 2022

Awful customer support.

Awful customer support. They won't accept my US passport as identification.


Feb 12, 2022

High yeild savings

Look. It's a mobile bank with no place to talk to bankers in person. It's a little annoying to not be able to deposit cash but that rarely ever happens to me. I've been with Axos for a little under a year with zero problems. All my information is processed correctly with easy-to-navigate online platforms. Also, their high yield savings is the reason I have an account with them.


Jan 25, 2022

You used to be great

You used to be great, everything went downhill after Axos Invest and Axos Bank combined(Feb. 2021) For about a year I tried to get an issue resolved with my brokerage account, transactions wouldnt complete, I still have pending transactions from a year ago, although my brokerage account is closed. I was advised to closed the account so I could open a new one. After closing the account, which it seems i can still make changes too...yeah doesnt make sense...I am now unable to open a new brokerage account I previously wrote a great review about how much I like banking with Axos Bank and Axos Invest as separate entities back in 2019, but I can't say that in the least. As many have mentioned customer service was abysmal as the misinformation received was concerning regarding my accounts. I thought I'd finally found a bank/brokerage that would suite all my needs, but this past year dealing with them, if someone actually responded was beyond ridiculous. There was one person if i was lucky my ticket got assigned too was Melissa. How is tech support still trying to resolve an issue over a year ago w/ the brokerage accounts is beyond me, but as of this writing 1/25/2022 12:59pm Eastern...I am still unable to open a new brokerage account. They apparently also dont seem to have a way to setup all new credentials.

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Axos Bank Banks with reviews from real users and our experts. Axos Bank provides the following services: API integration, Asset Management, Cash deposit, Cash withdrawal, Loans, Safeguarding/Custiodian Accounts, Savings Account, Wire Transfer Acceptance, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), ACH.

At the moment, Axos Bank rating on Finscanner is 4 and on Trustpilot is 1.7.