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About is a payment gateaway for e-commerce, retail, and mobile payments from America. helps makes it simple to accept electronic and credit card payments in person, online or over the phone. offers solutions that go to work for business and let their customers focus on what they love best. has been working with merchants and small businesses since 1996. is trusted by more than 430000 merchants, handling more than 1 billion transactions and 149 billion USD in payments every year.


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  • Online payments - Process payments manually, on your website, or through a mobile app.

  • Mobile credit card readers - Turn your phone or tablet into a fast and secure mobile point of sale.

  • Mobile payments - Accept payments from customers using mobile devices.

  • Virtual point of sale - Connect a compatible card reader to your computer to accept payments in person.

  • eCheck payments - Accept electronic check payments from your customers.

  • Phone payments - Accept manual orders quickly and securely with our Virtual Terminal.

  • Monthly billing -Get easy-to-use tools for managing your ongoing billing needs.

Trustpilot reviews


May 10, 2022

Using now for 2 years no…

Using now for 2 years no big issue and the customer support is always friendly and resolves issues very fast.


Feb 4, 2022

Beware is using ACH

After a few years of using without notice or warning, they disabled our eCheck feature and still allowed clients to pay via ACH. They accepted the payment from our clients and then froze our funds for what they said would be 90 days after the last transaction via ACH. You would think it would be 90 days per transaction but they kept pushing the date to 90 days from the latest transaction. They claimed they sent an email to notify us that we can no longer take ACH and we can only use credit cards. No such email was received and they didn't disable the feature until we called to question why our funds haven't been sent. If you are going to use them to accept payments, keep a close eye on your funds as they will try to hold them without notice and features may or may not work depending on how they feel. And to top it off they will NOT give the reason that they took away ACH. We have been in business for over 17 years with a spotless record with D&B and have only once in those 17 years had a chargeback. Avoid this company if you like transparency!


Oct 21, 2021

Complete scam

Complete scam. I applied and they told me I had to be approved by one of their partners because I am considered a "high risk business." Fine no problem, I knew this would happen, but this is where it gets shady and criminal. 20 days later, not even a month later, they charged me a "monthly" fee, even though I hadn't been approved. I called them and they told me they would refund me in two weeks, and that they would close my account. Two weeks went by and they never refunded me. A week after that they tried to charge me again!!! They are sending me emails saying that I owe them money, even though I was never approved for their service!!!! This is a scam. Charging me for a service I never used!!! What saved me was that I went to my bank and the bank employee told me to change my account number because they would try to charge me again. This is a class action lawsuit waiting to happen. Unbelievevable!!!


Oct 11, 2021


SCAM!!!!! DO NOT give this company any information or trust anything they say!


May 24, 2021

Terrible company with terrible ethics

Terrible company with terrible ethics. Our application has been "processing" for 7 months now...they STILL charged us for monthly services for those 7 months and then refused to provide a refund. If this was on our company's credit card, we would dispute these charges. What type of a company is this?


Jan 28, 2021

Confiscated $8097 in customer payments for 90 days without warning

Avoid like the plague! Unless you don't like keeping your own money. has been holding $8097 in customer payments for more than 56 days and refuses to release the funds to me for 90 days. All customers have had the funds withdrawn from their accounts and have signed written agreements to have the funds transferred via ACH. I have never had one customer cancel a check or credit card payment, and I have excellent credit. I’ve already paid for and shipped all the products to the customers, and they’re satisfied with the products.


Dec 28, 2020

Can't Get Our Credit Card Funds

We are a small business who engaged 2 months ago. To date we have been unable to get our credit card receipts deposited into our bank account. Numerous calls and people at their end have advised no knowledge about how to fix the problem. Meanwhile they continue to collect ...and keep...our revenue.

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