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About AscendEX

AscendEX is a global digital asset financial platform servicing retail and institutional clients spanning over 200 countries and regions around the world. Headquartered in Singapore, AscendEX was first launched in August 2018. Rooted in the blockchain industry, AscendEX has serviced millions of global crypto investors and traders with high-quality digital assets and comprehensive product offerings. It is also worth mentioning that the ASD, the native utility token of AscendEX, ranks among top 100 crypto assets by market capitalization.



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VIP5 ≥ 25,000,000 USDT

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VIP6 ≥ 50,000,000 USDT

0.03% / 0.04%

VIP7 ≥ 100,000,000 USDT

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VIP8 ≥ 150,000,000 USDT

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VIP9 ≥ 500,000,000 USDT

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Trustpilot reviews


May 12, 2022

Scam exchange

This is a scam exchange. They will stole your funds without any communication. tbey delisted leveragrd tokens without making any communication and in addition they stole the tokens from your wallet. you cant even make a withdrawal. Here’s the response from customer zero support : Hello, Thank you for reaching out to AscendEX customer support. We cannot withdraw EOSBEAR and BNBBERA now because the withdrawal function is closed.Sorry for the inconvenience. Feel free to reach out if you have any further queries. Thanks, Robert


Apr 30, 2022

I was originally unable to rI was originally unable to receive one-time sms alert from the exchangeeceive…

I was originally unable to receive one-time sms alert from the exchange, at which point I panicked, but after doing a bit of review I found the team somehow had a relationship with Microsoft, else why would Microsoft be the sender of previous OTP being used to sign into my account. After, a few weeks I am now able to gain back access to my account after several months, and wallet is intact. My best bet is, the platform was undergoing maintenance. My advise to the team is; duly notify users of any upgrade/maintenance carried out on the platform, so as not to come off as a SCAM EXCHANGE, should a user be unable to access a familiar feature given this upgrade, in the future.


Mar 23, 2022

Their promotion and staking program was there to scam your money

This is a bad exchange site. I put in $XXX of crypto for staking and hoping to earn for sign up bonus and staking. After about 4 weeks, I ended up with a lot less cryptos than I have before joining up this scam exchange. Their staking program had low ROI and there are fees for instantly withdrawing your cryptos from their staking program, otherwise you will have to leave your cryptos in the wallet, and earn nothing for 7 days. I did not received their promo bonus, but instead I do not know how I was charged for early redemption fees of 0.5%, which I could not have earned from staking with them and from their fake promo. This is why in the end, I ended up paying fees to them but did not receiving anything from this website, as they have offered. I am unhappy for joining up with this scam exchange site. But spot trading is not bad.


** READ THIS IF YOU NEED HELP LOGGING IN AFTER LOSING YOUR PHONE/CHANGING NUMBER** Okay so I bought a new phone and changed my phone number then was unable to recieve SMS code to log in as I no longer had access to my phone number. After reading all these bad reviews about Ascendex I panicked and thought I'd never be able to access my funds again. That wasn't the case at all, they replied to me within 12 hours, and within 3 working days they removed my old phone number from my account so I was able to login. If you find yourself in the same situation as me, follow these steps. 1. Go to the Ascendex website, find the Telegram community tab and then download Telegram. 2. On Telegram you will find a pinned post which will give a link to Zendesk, this is where you can file a ticket to Ascendex. There are moderaters who can help on Telegram but BEWARE OF SCAMMERS pretending to help you. Nobody should message you first. 3. You need to write on a piece of paper your latest deposits, withdrawals, the dates, and what crpyto you hold on Ascendex. Then take a video of yourself showing this piece of paper along with your photo ID (passport, driver lisence etc). 4. Once you do this and send it off they will get back to you very quickly. Just make sure all the information is accurate. With regards to using Ascendex I haven't had any issues. I've been able to easily deposit and withdraw money so I cant understand all the negative reviews.


Feb 21, 2022

-fpc in come .com-

I can't believe a company will actually take everyone stuff and abscond with it, you can coup your savings if u believe in the process.. check my title and reach out for details.


Feb 21, 2022


Avoid This SCAM PLATFORM You will lose your money. The Market price is Huge and when you want to SELL they give you the lowest price. If you put limit order you must wait for ages. AVOID AVOID AVOID


Feb 19, 2022


Minable ! Fuyez ! J'ai déposé des sous sur ascend ex 400 euros. J'ai voulu un jour retirer mes sous et je ne pouvez pas à cause d'un message d'erreur ( refait impossible 24 h aprzs avoir changé votre mot de passe) sauf que j'ai modifié le mot de passe 2 mois avant donc bon je pense que les 24h sont passé. J'ai contacté le service client et après 4 mois de bataille et une quarantaine de message ils ont toujours pas réglé mon problème. Je suis à bout je vais tout faire pour perdre la totalité de l'argent l'argent fesant de mauvais trade ( donner l'argent au travers et non à la plateforme) et je vais supprimer mon compte de cet horreur !!!

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