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Ally Bank


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About Ally Bank

Ally Bank is the direct banking subsidiary of Ally Financial Inc. and offers an array of banking products and services. Ally is known for an award-winning online bank, consumer auto-financing through dealers, and trusted capital for equity sponsors and middle-market companies. Known for its digital banking services and commitment to customer care, the company aims to innovate to make a real difference.


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  • Key Sectors - Automotive Business services, Consumer products/retail finance, Distribution, Industrials, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Technology finance

Trustpilot reviews


May 21, 2022


A HUGE REGRET IS TRUSTING ALLY FINANCIAL WITH MY AUTO NEEDS. I made one of the worst decisions by trusting Ally financial with my auto needs. Ally approved my auto loan with an interest rate of 10% and tried to charge my account at 100% interest. The customer service reps assured me that they had resolved the issue, but never did. Also, never trust Ally with auto payments. This company is building wealth from screwing over customers like me, and so many others blindly through added charges with auto pay.


May 16, 2022

After years of reading glowing reviews

After years reading glowing reviews, our experience with Ally has been a nightmare. Epic hold times even when calling the fraud dept about urgent theft issues. We left Chase because of fee, but Ally -- the online only bank -- has a worse app than Chase. It feels like it was designed in 2005.


May 15, 2022

Online mobile app sucks

I was locked out of my online mobile app after 3x attempts. The only way to reset is calling their customer service. After waiting on-hold for 35 minutes and repeatedly hearing Ally's "You're important to us" on-hold message, their customer service sucks! Go elsewhere where the company hires more customer service representatives to answer their phone calls.


May 7, 2022


I have accounts at financial firms as well as a small one at Ally Invest to hold some IRAs. I had been pleased for the most part, a lot of their processes are antiquated. However, I recently attempted to take a distribution. It is 9 days later and money still has not been deposited. If I had not contacted them after one week, they would not even been aware the paperwork was sitting in their system. No one can tell me why. Today, when going online, they are updating system between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm. Even an a Saturday, this is not acceptable. Updates at most institutions are completed overnite. Ally Invest was a convenient online platform at one time; I will be leaving.


Apr 23, 2022

Terrible customer service

Ally refused to waive a rate lock extension fee on my mortgage application (which was set to expire due to a delay in construction outside my control). They would rather lose a customer with over $250,000.00 in assets with Ally than extend a simple courtesy. It was impossible to reach anyone from their Executive Customer Relations team by phone, despite leaving multiple messages requesting a return call. Choose a better bank, one that actually values its clients over penny-pinching policies.


Apr 22, 2022

Worst bank ever

I mean I can't believe I fell for this. So many internet sites say Ally is the best. I set up a joint acct for my husband and I and set up about 30 bills to come out of it. Ally had no issue taking $5K from my checking to start the account but when the recurring money transfer from my husbands account and my account didn't go through I was shocked. No one told me that the bank accounts were no longer linked. I call and they say I need to send in bank statements via the secure message center. I do this and no one contacts me back for days. In addition, I can't relink the accounts in the meantime. It has been weeks and no one has been able to help me. They then said my account number is wrong which can't be if they got the initial $5K. Then they say my husband's account has to be set up by him through his own log in since I am not on his personal account. Again I only found out about that on the 2nd or 3rd phone call in, not in the two chats I had, through the secure message center or the two initial phone calls to customer service. This service is terrible and if I end up bouncing bills I will be horrifically upset. I am taking myself right into Chase or Wells Fargo to open up a standard account. This is nuts.


Apr 22, 2022

Stay away.

Stay away. Gave my credit TWO extra hard pulls in two different applications during my one experience. ALLY FINANCIAL Address 3010 W AGUA FRIA FWY STE 100 PHOENIX, AZ 85027 Record details On record until Apr 2023 Inquired on 03/13/2021 And another duplicated hard inquiry for 3/10/2021, the only day I made ANY inquiry!!!!!

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