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Allstar Business Solutions Ltd

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About Allstar Business Solutions Ltd

Allstar Business Solutions Ltd is an electronic money institution focused on business expense solutions. Allstar Business Solutions Ltd offers business credit cards, fuel cards, expense management platform to SMEs, corporates, public sector organizations. In 2019 Allstar Business Solutions Ltd had total assets of 707.88 mln GBP, Allstar Business Solutions Ltd generated a net income of 59.14 mln GBP. Incorporated in the United Kingdom, Allstar Business Solutions Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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Trustpilot reviews

Good card for business but it will be…

Good card for business but it will be good to have a make payment section on their online platform incase a client wants to do an early payment. Apart from that, it's a good card to have for your business.


May 20, 2022

Using money in business without interest!

Allstar is good for me, I can use the money for 30 days without interest, it is brilliant.


May 20, 2022

Con artists

Con artists. Run away as fast as you can. All they care about is you joining. They tell you that you will get 10p off any fuel but never tell you that its only on the motorway service stations. I feel like they have scammed me and I will be taking them to court


May 18, 2022

Unscrupulous Con Artists

Unscrupulous Con Artists – do not touch with a bargepole! WARNING: read the reviews on this rotten company before going anywhere near them! This Company represents one the very worst examples of corporate greed and deceit that I have ever encountered. As a UK based SME, we have been using the services of Allstar for over three years without incident. During that period, we have consistently spent around £800 per calendar month through fuel purchases using their services. We have a direct debit set up for monthly settlement of their account, so they have historically been paid in full and without fail. In fact, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have ALWAYS settled our debts promptly with ever single one of our suppliers - and our credit report confirms this exemplary record. Our credit rating was slightly reduced however when our Company Accounts were last submitted, as there was a slight drop in shareholder income over the year. A letter from Allstar then landed on our doorstep telling us that – as a result of this and with immediate effect – they were applying a ‘risk charge’ to each and every future purchase. The letter didn’t even extend the courtesy of telling how much this would be, although it turns out to be a whooping extra 26p PER LITRE! Worse still, they had started applying this charge without informing us, despite there being two current email addresses for us on file. So, by the time the letter arrived we had been stung with these extra charges for nearly a week. At a time when Companies are struggling with ever increasing costs, words really cannot express my disgust at a Company that would so cynically exploit their customers in this fashion. It may be legal under Terms hidden within their small print, by this behaviour is immoral and unscrupulous by anyone’s standards. What a scummy operation Allstar is. I hope and pray that their management will one day face their comeuppance and end up in the place they most sorely deserve to be – the dole queue.


May 17, 2022

Been will Allstar for 19 years TOTALLY IMORAL

Been will Allstar for 19 years, paid by direct debit each month and never defaulted. We’ve just realised that due to recent credit scoring I’m treated as a high risk and they have added 29% onto each transaction. My company has struggled like many recently. This is just daylight robbery so I’ve closed my account. Is this even legal? Can mortgage companies charge more if your credit score drops ? I would have been happy to pay a small monthly fee but this is wrong on all levels!


May 13, 2022

Robbing bast…

My company has been with allstar for a year. Everything was ok until recently they added some risk charges to a fuel prices. I have never missed any payments everything was done on time and I’m paying 26ppl more… after contacting them no refund and was told to check t&c. Don’t let them rob you as they did me and so many others!!!!!!


May 12, 2022


We are a small family run business with 6 fuel cards. We have used this company for a few years now and spend up to £1000 a month with them, we have noticed our bills have been quite high since January so we've looked further into our bill and they have added extra charges on without informing us. These extra charges that they opted us in for are, Bio planter (which help plant trees), a fee to pay monthly instead of weekly (we used to pay weekly but they changed it to monthly without telling us) and an insurance that they added to our bill which we didn't ask for and we don't need. When calling to query these extra added costs we were told that they can opt us in at any point without informing us as its in their 'terms and conditions' They will not refund us for what has already been paid since January. I find it pretty disgusting that they can just add these charges without informing us. Before signing up to Allstar read through the terms and conditions. We are now in the process of changing fuel card companies.

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