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Alliant Credit Union

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About Alliant Credit Union

Alliant Credit Union is an NCUA-insured credit union based in Chicago. Alliant Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, which means that all of its members are also owners. Since our founding in 1935, Alliant has grown to serve more than 335,000 members nationwide and manage over $9.3 billion in assets. That makes Alliant Credit Union the 8th largest credit union in the United States.


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Trustpilot reviews


Mar 18, 2022

Removed a bank linkan alliant still tried to use it for autopay

So I changed banks recently and the account used to previously automatically pay my Alliant loan on a monthly basis would no longer work. Per their website, I removed the external account and received confirmation of the approval at least 2 weeks before the next payment date. It should be noted that there is no way to remove the auto payment setup.I then set up delivery of the monthly payments from my new bank because it could not be set up as an external bank on Alliant. I received confirmation from my new bank that the payment was sent to Alliant. Much to my dismay, however, Alliant also tried to process the payment against the DELETED external bank resulting in a returned payment fee of $15. When I called Alliant customer service, I was on hold for 30 minutes with an annoying soundtrack and regular voice prompts to press 2 to stay on hold (obviously they hope that you will miss the prompt or give up. Eventually I got through to a Seth who told me that the cancellation of any future payments is the responsibility of the account holder even if the external payment account used for the payment has been deleted. For that reason he said that the returned payment fee would not be waived. He was not at all sympathetic and said I should have written a letter to disabIe upcoming payments. From a web user perspective, I would expect their system to warn about upcoming payments giving the option to cancel the auto payment. It truly appears as a method to assess fees, especially given Seth's explanation that now a payment was attempted and returned, the external account haas been automatically removed (flashback: I removed it weeks ago on their website. In summary, the customer service experience at Alliant is poor at best


Feb 26, 2022

Sided With a Fraudulent Company

This CU used to be great, but I recently had a very bad experience with them. A fraudulent company failed to deliver and Alliant customer service and grp-disputes have sided with the company rather than do their homework. I have spent hours gathering evidence proving they scammed me. Alliant says they have to convince Visa. This battle has been going on for six months. Yesterday they took the entire amount out of my account with no notice. Not a single warning. It is more than a thousand dollars. I'm taking this up with the Attorney General's Office since the fraudulent company claims to be in California but isn't. Alliant should have had my back.


Dec 22, 2021

Miserable technology and customer…

Miserable technology and customer service. I had accrued a significant cash back balance, which decided to use as statement credit to offset a statement balance (I pay off my balance each and every month). Entered the cash back balance transfer to statement credit (and received confirmation) on November 20, which did not post until December 14. This inexplicable delay pushed me past the statement payment due date (December 8), and Alliant assessed interest charges, which they would NOT remove (their response being that the cash back statement credit can take up to TWO billing cycles!!). I cancelled the card and will no longer do business with Alliant Credit Union.


Dec 7, 2021

Terrible customer service

Long time Alliant Credit Union customer. I have recently had to close all my accounts with them due to poor customer service. They forfeited the rewards balance on my credit card TWICE costing me over $100! They don't communicate terms and conditions clearly and they take no responsibility for any issues. Glad to not have to deal with these people anymore.


Dec 1, 2021

Not recommended for immigrants

It's very difficult to open an account with Alliant if you're not a U.S. citizen, even if you have the documents they request. I waited for 40 days to find out they'd closed my application because it was taking THEM too long to process it. A few days after I applied, I was requested to upload more documents (driver's license, social security card, utility bill). After this, I waited 2 weeks and didn't hear back. I called customer support multiple times, but was told to just keep waiting. Eventually, I got asked for more ID, which I uploaded and waited for another week. They weren't happy with the cropping and sent another request, so I re-scanned and uploaded again. Another week goes by, and I get a letter in the mail letting me know my application is cancelled because "we tried to contact you multiple times and got no response". When I called, they tried to put the blame on me since I must have "missed an email", told me they could not re-open the application and I'd just have to apply from scratch.


Oct 3, 2021

Qanon hacked app consequently my…

Qanon hacked app consequently my support are fake or on hold for well over 30 minutes if not longer. Fake pages just to access their website.


Jul 3, 2021

Horrible customer service

Horrible customer service. Do not bank here for any reason. No one can help you they just pass the buck to someone else

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