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Airwallex UK Ltd
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Airwallex UK Ltd

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Electronic Money Institution

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United Kingdom



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Multi-currency AccountSEPA TransactionsSWIFT TransactionsAcquiringAgreggated AccountAPI integrationB2B AccountsCard processing solutionsDedicated IBAN3d secure payment gatewayFaster paymentsCHAPSSWIFT GPUDedicated SWIFT IBANTwo-Factor Authentication (2FA)C2B Accounts

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About Airwallex UK Ltd

Airwallex UK Ltd is an electronic money institution focused on high-speed, low-cost global payments. Airwallex UK Ltd offers foreign exchange, international payments, global accounts, payment cards, card acceptance to business entities. In 2019 Airwallex UK Ltd had total assets of 2.25 mln GBP, Airwallex UK Ltd generated a net income of -1,512,991.00 GBP. Incorporated in the United Kingdom, Airwallex UK Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Setup Fee


Monthly Maintenance Fee


SEPA Incoming


SEPA Outgoing


SWIFT Incoming


SWIFT Outgoing

10 GBP

SWIFT CNY Outgoing


FX Fee


Transaction limit

100000 GBP


  • EUR


  • USD

    (United States dollar)

  • AUD

    (Australian dollar)

  • GBP

    (British pound)

  • BDT

    (Bangladeshi taka)

  • INR

    (Indian rupee)

  • NOK

    (Norwegian krone)

  • SGD

    (Singapore dollar)

  • CAD

    (Canadian dollar)

  • CNY

    (Chinese yuan)

  • NZD

    (New Zealand dollar)

  • HRK

    (Croatian kuna)

  • CZK

    (Czech koruna)

  • DKK

    (Danish krone)

  • HKD

    (Hong Kong dollar)

  • HUF

    (Hungarian forint)

  • IDR

    (Indonesian rupiah)

  • JPY

    (Japanese yen)

  • CHF

    (Swiss franc)

  • MYR

    (Malaysian ringgit)

  • NPR

    (Nepalese rupee)

  • PKR

    (Pakistani rupee)

  • PHP

    (Philippine peso)

  • PLN

    (Polish złoty)

  • RON

    (Romanian leu)

  • KRW

    (South Korean won)

  • LKR

    (Sri Lankan rupee)

  • SEK

    (Swedish krona)

  • THB

    (Thai baht)

  • TRY

    (Turkish lira)

  • VND

    (Vietnamese đồng)

Additional Information

  • Physical payment cards for employees,

  • Airwallex is available for businesses registered in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, China, the US, Malaysia and the European Union

  • The Airwallex platform is integrated with Xero

Restricted industries

AdultCannabis BusinessCharitites & Non-profitsCryptoForex/CFDGamblingInvestment BusinessMulti-level-marketing ProvidersOffshore International Business CompaniesPharmaceuticalsPrecious MetalsRemittance BusinessPawnbrokersCounterfeit GoodsArmsChemicalsTobaccoBearer SharesTelemarketingDebt RestructuringArchaeological RelicsInsurance SalesPayday Businesses

Trustpilot reviews


May 23, 2022

Super easy to use UI and best customer service

I have multiple online stores in Amazon, and I registered my Airwallex account for money collection, the web UI is very intuitive and easy to use. it's very convenient for my to use the account to collect fund. when I tried to get the account proof for Amazon, I called their customer service, they are very patient and guided me step by step. definitely will continue using and try more products


May 23, 2022

Good customer experience

Good customer experience. They responsed to my request quickly and well resolved the issue!


May 23, 2022

Airwallex is very very excellent!!

Airwallex is very very excellent!!! I'm very happy to cooperate with Airwallex. Their CS is very professional. Their attitude is very nice.


May 21, 2022

I transferred GBP to my supplier in the…

I transferred GBP to my supplier in the UK in end April and they just told me that they didn't get the money, so I checked my Airwallex account immediately. I found that the transfer was labelled "FAILED" but I cannot see the money in my account ? ! Where has it gone ? Why Airwallex wasn't telling me about the failed transfer ? and why the rejected fund wasn't showing in my Global UK account ? I don't feel secure to use the service again !


May 17, 2022

I waited for more than one month and…

I waited for more than one month and half for my account to be verified, and I'm still waiting. instead of telling me a reason why my account is not approved, they keep you waiting and the last time I asked the customer support they told me to wait for a maximum of 7 days and a month have been passed and nothing yet


May 17, 2022

Impossible to obtain a clear answer or an update

Deposited funds between 27-29/04, in review since. Been asked to provide supporting documents which I did. No updates for 2 weeks, unable to obtain any information over the phone and my emails are simply ignored. I would stay away from this company.


May 15, 2022

SCAM! Can lose your funds.

I opened an account, successfully verified all the documents, but after the first payment from the client, they holded my funds and asked for supporting documents. Sent everything. After the second and third payments, they again requested documents. Now for more than a week they do not respond to messages and hold my money. It looks like stealing money though. Be careful and stay away from this service. For the first time I see a bank that blocks every payment and requires documents and does not respond for weeks. You will not be able to conduct your normal business with such a bank.

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On this page, you can see a detailed review of Airwallex UK Ltd Payment systems with reviews from real users and our experts. Airwallex UK Ltd provides the following services: Multi-currency Account, SEPA Transactions, SWIFT Transactions, Acquiring, Agreggated Account, API integration, B2B Accounts, Card processing solutions, Dedicated IBAN, 3d secure payment gateway, Faster payments, CHAPS, SWIFT GPU, Dedicated SWIFT IBAN, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), C2B Accounts.

At the moment, Airwallex UK Ltd rating on Finscanner is 4.2 and on Trustpilot is 4.