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ADIB (Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank)
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ADIB (Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank)

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About ADIB (Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank)

ADIB (Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank) is a commercial bank from Dubai, UAE. ADIB is the 4th largest Islamic bank globally by assets.The bank currently serves more than 1 million customers.​ ADIB is a full-fledged financial service provider that offers banking solutions for individuals, corporates and affluent customers. In addition, the wider ADIB Group provides brokerage, real estate and property management, payments and insurance services. ADIB has one of the largest distribution networks in the UAE with 60 branches and 520 ATMs. ADIB has a presence in six strategic markets - Egypt, where it has 70 branches, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Qatar, Sudan and Iraq.


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Trustpilot reviews


May 24, 2022

worest bank ever

worest bank ever I have been trying to open an account since 2 month and couldn't open it till the moment. I visit Al barsha branch many times but the employees are so careless and don't do their jobs i made many complaints and talked to the responsible of the branch but they didn't help!! what happen was so weird and never faced in UAE. my advise ; be far from this bank otherwise you are wasting your time.


May 20, 2022


Do not listen to the positive reviews here. This is the worst bank you will ever use. Information is never clear, when you speak to agents they tell you the wrong information – different customer agents will give you different information. I once asked how much I needed to owe on my credit card and the agent gave me the wrong amount so I ended up paying a fee on the amount not paid even though I asked her to double and triple check the amount that was due on the card. No one has the right information, you file complaints they don’t follow up and just close the complaint without resolving or notifying you, I have been following up with the Bank about an issue for 2 months. I have called them maybe 50 times, I ask the agent to call me back and they say they will and someone never does (happened about 17 times). I used to call them everyday to try get a call back. All the agents give you the same information and they will say we have raised this as urgent but it makes no difference (I did this for 12 days straight without any progress with my issue). When I did speak to the agent he said he would try to get a solution – this was 2 weeks ago and only few days ago he sent an email to the concerned team about my issue. While I write this I am on a call with ADIB and have been on hold for 35mins without speaking to even one person. This is not the bank you want when you are a busy person and you just want things done fast. I remember trying to activate my Credit card when I received it and took me 1 hour because I was not receiving the authorization texts on my mobile. I had to call the Agent 3 times in order to get further instructions which all failed. When I got frustrated I asked him to activate it from his side and it took him 2 mins. The Agent had the option to do it from his side but instead kept giving me instructions so that I don't bother him. Why would you want to Bank with a company that is not interested in helping you, even for the most basic issues. I also bank with Emirates NBD and HSBC and I would highly suggest you use them. They will make your life much easier. DO NOT USE ADIB for any services. Life will be difficult. Nothing will work as it should and the most basic issues will become your day to day headache.


Apr 28, 2022


ADIB DNATA BRANCH CLOCK TOWER. customer service especially the TELLERS they are the worst customer service ever.


Apr 25, 2022

I was keep calling for 15 mnits no…

I was keep calling for 15 mnits no answer it's hard to reach ADIB the the call center is zero no respons it all


Apr 19, 2022

Worst bank for resolving issues

Worst bank for resolving issues. No time frame for processing issues. Not professional customer service!


Apr 16, 2022

Horrendous experience from start to finish

I have never dealt with such a serious level of unprofessionalism in my six years in the UAE or in all the time I've lived in the UK, where I'm from. It was truly shocking. The dishonesty I experienced ranged from blatantly underestimating the loan completion time to not bothering to inform me that they'd changed the agreed interest rate on the contract to a much higher rate. Also, they did not give me a copy of the contract I signed, just a computer printout of some Ts and Cs. They displayed a complete disregard for due diligence, honesty and transparency. The final straw was when the associate, who came with me to submit the cheque, caused a scene in two banks - storming around, demanding they met his needs. I actually apologised to the staff members in the bank for his behaviour. It was humiliating. He also did not seem to know what he was doing and it appears that he simply chose the branches that were closest to him. He even asked if I could collect the clearance letter (obviously, to save him the trip), which is always the bank's obligation. How did he not know this?! I did all the running around and chasing. Something I've never had to do before. This same associate did not even lodge my loan application after I submitted the requested documents until over a week later and only after I queried why it was taking so long! The bank then took 10 days to complete a process that was supposed to be completed within a maximum of 3 bank working days. When I raised a complaint about all the issues I was experiencing, I was placated with a promise that the needful would be done! That was it! No investigation or explanation as to why everything had gone so wrong. I won't even bother to bore you with the details of all the trips I was forced to make, all the incorrect information I was supplied with and how simple phone etiquette was non-existent. I felt like I worked for ADIB! I had to run after them every step of the way whilst being promised that I would receive their best attention. Their best attention seemingly means none. Never before have I experienced such a lack of customer service and professionalism. I'm still in a state of shock. Thank goodness for the cooling-off period. I've already cancelled all my obligations to this bank. If you want my advice, you'll AVOID THIS BANK AT ALL COSTS!


Apr 14, 2022

Great experience with them with smart…

Great experience with them with smart banking .. still hoping they approve me a credit card but still one of the good banks I deal with

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