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About Acorns

Acorns was founded in 2012. Acorns is a finance company that allows individuals to round up purchases and automatically invest the change. It allows customers to automatically invest in a low-cost, diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds offered by some asset managers including Vanguard and BlackRock.


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Trustpilot reviews


May 23, 2022


I like using no issues. Secure, easy and investing is good. I didnt use 5 stars as it take up to 3 days to transfer and there is no manual checks if needed. I rarely use manual checks but have had instances where it was needed and took 4 days to transfer and write to party. Really feel that option is needed. I dont understand transfer or investment withdrawal requirements of 3 days.


May 18, 2022

Acorns robbed me of a deposit of…

Acorns robbed me of a deposit of $100.00 and a $2,000.00 totaling to $2,100.00 After the $2,000.00 USD deposit my account was froze and I was asked to show proof of ownership of my primary/linked account via email by requesting a pdf file of my bank statement. The requested was fulfilled and checked completely out all this confirmed. After a bank call and documents via email, the customer service rep then proceeded to inform me that the request to urgently unlock my account within one business day. The A.M. of the business day I recieved an email stating that they Acorns/Lincoln Banking has decided to permanently close my account. In which my deposits will be transferred back to my original/primary/linked account etc. Within 1-3 business days I'm on my third business day, a closed account, and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN MY LINKED/PRIMARY ACCOUNT. NO ANSWERS, DIFFERENT STORIES I WAS INFORMED TWICE THAT THE DEPOSITS DID AND WHERE SHOWING AND AVAILABLE IN MY ACORNS ACCOUNT.


May 17, 2022

I love that there's options and the…

I love that there's options and the account staff are absolutely 👍😃


May 17, 2022

best app to save and invest

best app to save and invest


May 12, 2022

I have had acorn for years now

I have had acorn for years now. Never had any problems! Today I look and I'm missing 300-500 dollars. Called customer service and didn't say anything and couldn't explain why. Told me to hang on. Was on hold to long. I will just take the rest of my mo ey out and close my account. Everyone beware of this.


May 10, 2022

Acorns "Little Bit"

Acorns, try it I think you will like it. I joined and contribute very little and so time goes by and i forget all about Acorns. When i Check my account I have a little over $500.00 invested, wow, pretty good. You will never miss the "little bit" but it grows, check it out.


May 9, 2022

The experience is great

The experience is great. I don't have to monitor where the money is going. I have confidence knowing that your service is basically automated. Thank you.

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