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About is an aggregator of decentralized exchanges. split the order to several decentralized exchanges like UniswapExchange, KyberNetwork, Bancor, and RadarRelay to avoid high price slippage. Interview with 1inch CTO. A user can swap tokens here, and also place limit orders for a wide variety of tokens. The orders are not only placed against the platform's own order book. Rather, it is placed against a number of other DEXs order books (dependent upon users' settings). This is what makes it an "aggregator". Seeing as a dozen different order books are available, users can also swap, purchase or sell a very large amount of different cryptocurrencies here.


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0.0006 ETH

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    (Virgin Islands (British))

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    (Central African Republic)

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  • MMR


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  • PRK

    (North Korea (DPRK))

  • SGP


  • SOM


  • SSD

    (South Sudan)

  • SDN


  • SYR

    (Syrian Arab Republic)

  • USA

    (United States of America)

  • VEN


  • YEM


  • ZWE


Trustpilot reviews


May 15, 2022

Thanks to 1 inch

Thanks to 1 inch - you do not need to register on several exchanges, pass KYC to start trading. Just plug in my Metamask and start buying coins.


May 14, 2022

Awesome app 1inch

Awesome app 1inch. I do not know similar services that would aggregate so many exchanges within themselves. Inches has more than 80 exchanges, which provides unrealistic liquidity of coins. You can also add your own coin if it has not yet been presented, but this is done only under personal responsibility.


Apr 16, 2022

Botched transactions

Botched transaction that ending up with me losing money and ETH. Support reps are insanely rude and basically gave me the finger and others have mentioned this as well. Notice how bad reviews about them are getting flagged on each site daring to speak out against them too. Avoid like the plague.


Apr 11, 2022

great DEX

great DEX, good exchange rates and nice userinterface


Mar 25, 2022

Of the advantages

Of the advantages , I will highlight the following: 1)there is a working product 2) Experienced team 3) Timely implementation of the roadmap. 4) collaborations with other companies. 5) Pioneers in data sales. 6) The token is already traded on major exchanges I advise you to follow this project


Mar 2, 2022

I have been using this service for…

I have been using this service for about a year and I have a positive experience. Transactions were always fast and at the best price! I think now there are a lot of reviews from newcomers who could not figure out how 1inch works and therefore have problems, but it's all easy, you just need to take a little time and look at some reviews on this project


Mar 2, 2022

A convenient wallet through which you…

A convenient wallet through which you will have access to the service. It is very convenient to work without a laptop, you can buy or sell any defi coin from your phone for the best price and do it as quickly as possible.

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