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What is Technology Provider?

by Finscanner

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Technology Provider is a business that offers software solutions (sophisticated digital platforms, terminals, etc) to clients operating in specific domains (financial services, crypto, marketing, etc). In other words, the technology provider implements technology components, which are products (that you can buy, download, etc.) or configurations of other products with a specific technical architecture.

  • Technology provider refers to third-party cloud-based infrastructure and management for companies building and operating mostly in high-tech and blockchain services.

  • It allows companies to build/implement services upon their existing infrastructure, working in the same way as Software As A Service (SaaS) model.

  • Among the digital products and solutions, these providers offer to implement/develop smart contracts, decentralized applications, DeFi, AI/ML, Data Analytics, IoT, ERP, etc.

  • Once created/implemented, the provider keeps on taking care of the complex back-end activities for the client.

What good is it for your business?

Businesses are considering connecting technology providers for a variety of reasons. Mostly, this meets the relevance to modern technologies, circumstances, and concerns. Let's take a look at some of the most significant benefits the embedded solutions of technology providers can bring:

  • Unifying source for all moving parts. A well-chosen technology provider will help a business create a roadmap, find solutions to complex business challenges, and provide resources to solve the problem and plan for the long term. With a package of services and technical expertise, a business gets a single end-to-end solution and eliminates the need to contact multiple providers.

  • Cost management & operational efficiency. Large volumes of data, the technical complexity and operational costs associated with creating, configuring, and operating technologies, as well as maintaining its infrastructure, often act as a barrier. By turning to a technology provider, a business can benefit from economies of scale.

  • Larger talent pool and expertise. The technology provider only focuses on the technology aspect, fluent in various technology niches to provide customers with the most up-to-date options. So it has technical experts at the disposal to consider all scenarios and fill the tech gaps of any business with knowledge and ready-made solutions.

Find a partner on the Finscanner marketplace

Many providers in the tech/blockchain sector offer services for this need. However, in many cases, these services will be limited to a couple of options that may be just a part of your business's upcoming larger complex technology development. To solve this problem, businesses need to find a large-scale partner that offers an integrated approach. Finscanner is pleased to highlight its best available one:

RWaltz Group Inc — a provider of Crypto, Blockchain, and Tech development services headquartered in Atlanta, GA-USA serving globally. It provides complex solutions and deliveres successful services to Fortune 100 companies like AT&T, Honda, Disney, Bank of America, Amway, and more.

Looking for more crypto and financial services? Finscanner marketplace is the right place for you to get started! We provide a comprehensive overview of global banks, electronic money institutions, payment service providers, crypto platforms, and more.

Apply to any desired financial product just in a few easy clicks!

Have some questions left? Feel free to contact us directly.

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