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Introducing Finscanner

Introducing Finscanner

by Finscanner

3 min read

Finscanner is an independent digital platform aiming to provide up-to-date access to worldwide financial services to improve customer experience and boost transactions. Our clients, agents, and financial institutions can experience the automation of processes by interacting on a single publicly open and transparent platform. For starters, we are offering a marketplace of payment service providers & crypto companies that provides a comprehensive overview and serves the needs of various customer groups. Further, the goals of the project are to enhance access to a broad range of financial services and the development of inclusive financial programs.

  • Global Banks & EMIs
  • Crypto & NFT platforms
  • All Relevant & Up-to-Date Information
  • Offers, News, Updates & More!

Finscanner was founded at a time when the importance of digital integration became more relevant to many customers and service providers. The great progress in the areas of digital communications and the Internet gives rise to ample opportunities for automatic interaction between the financial world participants. In view of the overly complex and diversified nature of the current data flow, Finscanner finds its vocation to provide reliable information, specific expertise as a depository, and build bridges as mediation in the world of finance. In this way, a platform is a go-to place for companies and clients seeking financial services, such as bank accounts, processing, and gateways, card issuance offerings, crypto exchange, merchant services among others. Find, Compare, Assess, Apply — All-In-One Place!

How to get started?

Find your provider across all financial faucets, such as bank accounts, international transfers, acquiring, crypto offers, and more.
Find your provider across all financial faucets, such as bank accounts, international transfers, acquiring, crypto offers, and more.
After finding your perfect provider financial services on the Finscanner platform apply with a single click directly from the provider’s profile page.

Our mission

Our mission is to leverage innovative technology, unique compliance procedures, and intuitive design tools in combination with the widest assortment of financial services enabling each and every individual or company to find and apply to all multitude of banking services transparently, swiftly, and securely.

Our vision

Our vision is to create financial opportunities for everyone by chipping away the biggest hurdles in the information and communications flows. In our minds, easy and relevant access to financial services is a great contributor to strong earnings and a healthy financial system. Finscanner is set to deliver a unique directory, containing profiles of more than 1000 providers there globally.

Quick Facts

  • 400+ Payments Systems
  • 80+ Crypto Companies
  • 100 Card Providers, Acquirers & Legal Companies
  • 40 NFT Projects

Development Roadmap

Q1 2022

  • Implementation of affiliate links
  • 80+ Pay-per-review model & referral systemCrypto Companies
  • Rollout of client & provider profiles
  • Matching system
  • 1000 providers onboard

Q2 2022

  • 3000 client & corporate profiles
  • Coverage of all countries
  • Additional languages
  • Rollout of lead management software

Q3 2022

  • Implementation of KYC/ KYB flows
  • Lead sharing marketplace
  • 50 providers subscribed
  • 3000 providers onboard and 250 verified

Q4 2022

  • Payment acceptance integration
  • Utility token rollout
  • 200 providers subscribed
  • 3000 referrals & 750 agents

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