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How to Choose the Right Legal Firm for Your Case and Needs

by Alexander Malygin


4 min read

Statistically, at some point, circumstances arise that necessitate seeking legal services. Whether you are acting as a legal entity or an individual, you would like to receive professional advice and solution. There are a lot of legal firms, so when you are well informed and know what you are looking for, the chances of getting a positive result are much higher.

You can go to a lone attorney or a firm, it depends on your decision. Of course, a legal firm with a range of services has more advantages. Ultimately, a mutually beneficial long-term business relationship is what you need.

To help you achieve your goals and find the right legal firm, Finscanner has put together the following list of points.

Case type & experience

Legal firms have varied experience in specific areas of practice and certain types of businesses for many years. It helps them to understand the dynamics and complexity of a particular business model. You need one that has already successfully solved your type of case. Viewing the profile of a legal firm will give you an idea of the firm’s best area of activity. Make sure you are working with experts knowledgeable about your culture, circumstances, business, or industry.

The scale of the business

It is important to remember that different cities/states have different laws. While many areas have similar laws and regulations, others do not, which means that rules and regulations may differ from one state or city to another. Legal firms from other cities may not fully understand the smallest details of your particular situation, such as contracts, zoning, and local regulations.

When looking for a law firm outside of your geographic area, be sure to inform them where you are and confirm that they can handle the cases you need. Also, if your business has clients, suppliers, or partners in another country, be sure to ask if the firm has a relationship with lawyers in that country. Hence the next point follows.

A legal firm is known by the connections it keeps

Whether you choose a small, medium or large firm depends on the nature of your legal problem. A larger firm may have more flexibility in handling complex cases. Find or inquire directly if the legal firm works with other lawyers to strengthen its position. An experienced legal firm often joins forces to share their research, experience, and other resources to craft the best possible solution for you. Here you can ask the following questions:

  • Does the firm have a network of other attorneys and professionals they can refer you to when you have special needs?
  • Is it a member of trade associations or other groups from which you can benefit?

Fees & contingencies

Most law firms have a price list that they ask you to sign. However, this is often not all of the cost information. The legal firm will assess the cost of working on your case and any additional fees they may bill you along the way (such as hourly rates, deposits, and refunds).

Ask your contact attorney to explain the company’s billing procedures and methods. Most lawyers bill on an hourly basis, but contingency and alternative billing methods are becoming more popular these days. Ask what other fees you can expect from a lawyer to handle your case, such as travel expenses, expert fees, copying, postage, etc.

Personal comfort

Choosing a legal firm, you are looking for the one that can better defend your interests. At the same time, you must choose a firm with which you will be comfortable working. The most favorable criteria for long-term cooperation will be the following:

  • Reputation and successful cases of the firm in recent years;
  • Openness and availability in matters of communication;
  • A ready-made action plan in case of problems.

Ideally, you should establish a relationship with a legal firm that will last the entire life of your career. But in any business relationship, it is impossible to know about it right away.

Place to find

Finding the right legal firm for your business purposes is not an easy task, but with all of the above tips, it will be much easier for you to navigate. At the Finscanner marketplace, we’ve got many services for you to choose from. Here are some legal firms you may find:

This is an image

  • Law&Trust International — is an international law firm operating in Europe, America, Australia and Oceania, Asia, Africa. It was founded in 2003 and every year it is expanding the range of services provided and improving the quality of service. The firm successfully operates in more than 135 jurisdictions and cooperates with more than 150 banks around the world.
  • MyLegalEdge — is an online legal forms company that provides legal forms for a variety of services for all 50 states. Formed by legal professionals, it gives users access to popular legal documents online according to specific state statutes. In addition, MyLegalEdge provides completion services for select forms and documents.
  • Attorneys For Freedom — is a law firm founded in 1997. The firm has offices in Chandler, Arizona, and Honolulu, Hawaii, representing clients in the areas of Criminal Law, Personal Injury, Civil Rights, Civil Litigation, and Mediation & Arbitration.

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