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Introducing Finscanner

How Finscanner Works

by Finscanner


3 min read

Finscanner is a marketplace that provides relevant and up-to-date information on financial services worldwide.

We help our clients with sound financial management:

  • Find your provider across all financial services and leave an application for its receipt to be sent directly to Global Banks, EMI’s, Crypto, and NFT projects;
  • Access an extensive, detailed database and find reliable profile information about any geographically suitable financial institution;
  • Analyze and compare with advanced filtering mechanism and professional rating system;
  • Learn how to correctly manage finances and discover new ways to increase efficiency;
  • Share your feedback and experience.

We are working on creating convenient services that help you find the best deals in the financial markets. An extensive database of various financial products is already available on our website. Here is how you can work with it:

Select your preferred product or service

You can search for financial products through the corresponding menu items on the website. In the menu for each direction, there are easy search and sorting, product catalogs, selection services for geographic and sector parameters.

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How to choose

Specify the name of the financial product that you need, or manually find the required service and its characteristics by selecting the feature from the catalog in the appropriate section on the main page of the website. All suggestions of this section will appear down below.

For example, you are interested in cryptocurrency projects. To find one, you select the “Crypto” category in the menu and look through the appropriate feed with offers. Click to any profile and you’ll see more details. By making sure you make the right choice, the “Apply” button is yours to follow.

How to compare

To find all suitable offers for the given parameters, select the appropriate menu item and the desired section on the main page.

The catalog section makes it easy to compare such parameters as available services and rating, which is calculated based on the provider’s pricing for the services, social media presence, popularity, onboarding difficulty, support quality, etc. In addition, you can add a financial service provider to ‘Favorites’ to save it to have a look and comparison later.

Finscanner offers

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